About Us

This is who we are

Why did we start Flitz?

We believe Bitcoin and especially the Lightning Network are amazing technologies that will allow the online micropayment economy to flourish and ultimately bring massive wealth to all of society by providing an open monetary and payment standard that anyone can participate in and build upon.

Flitz allows you to start participating in this economy in the fastest way possible and shows you what the future of money feels like.

Who are we?

Kwinten De Backer

Jessica, hello

Kwinten is a physicist-turned-software-engineer based in Ghent, Belgium. He has been active in the Lightning space since 2018. 2 minutes after learning about bitcoin, he was sad to learn it did not scale very well. 3 minutes after learning about it, he was enormously excited because he just discovered what was called the “Lightning Network”. After having made small contributions to LN projects, having participated in LN hackdays, and having traveled to the LN conference in Berlin, he decided what was really needed was an open platform where people could enter the Bitcoin Lightning economy fast and frictionless. So, Flitz Technologies was born.