July 2021 recap

July 2021 recap

On the first of July 2021, Flitz was announced, the very first European Lightning-native buy-bitcoin platform. One month has passed and we would like to share some interesting statistics with you.

Users and Revenue

  • 200+ users
  • 11 Countries
  • 🇩🇪 leading the way: most users are from Germany
  • 15.000+ EUR converted into Bitcoin and deposited straight into Lightning wallets
  • 🐳 Largest payment was 1000 EUR.


Our C-Lightning node has

  • Processed 344 payments
  • Totaling 56.998.171 sats (that’s over half a bitcoin)
  • For a TOTAL fee of 24.672 sat - just over 8 EUR.

Let us say that again: we sent out over 15K EUR for a fee of 8 EUR. That’s 0.04 %.

Looking ahead

New app

As we speak a new design is being worked on.

New design

More on this later as it’s still a work in progress. But we already think it’s looking much better. Not that that’s difficult ;)

Static invoices

As an almost non-custodial exchange, we really think people should hold their own Bitcoin. Even if they use a custodial wallet, we really don’t want to hold their Bitcoin for them. That’s why we’re very excited to see progress on Lightning offers, proposed by Rusty Russell. This will allow us to send funds to our customer’s nodes (or their mobile wallets!), without any interaction needed from them, which will greatly improve the Flitz UX. Expect us to be the first exchange to implement bolt12 withdrawals, as soon as the spec is a bit more mature and there are wallets that support it.

Be the change you want to see in the world

We’d like to thank all of our users. And we really mean thank you so, so much. You are stacking every day. You are among the first people to use the monetary network of the future. We are pushing the Lightning Network further and further, together. If you like Flitz, tell your friends about it. Ask to be paid back on the Lightning Network, if it is possible. The DCA Army is what pushes Bitcoin price and adoption in the long run. Thanks for being part of it, soldiers.